About Us

Greenway Dent Solution History

Greenway Dent Solutions opened their doors in 2010. Owner, Heath Bleil, has been traveling the world for over 10 years mastering his trade in paintless dent repair. He was not only mastering the techniques of his trade, but gaining knowledge of every vehicle by working directly at the factories. In Johannesburg, South Africa at the Nissan factory, Greenway Dent Solutions was responsible for fixing 1000+ units of the 10,000 damaged by a catastrophic hail storm in December 2013.

Prior to Greenway Dent Solutions(GDS) opening their first shop, Heath spent many years coming to Denver to work. GDS was getting calls from major body shops in the area to help facilitate the repair process for all their hail damage claims. After a few years of this, Heath noticed a pattern of severe weather in the front range, and that there was a serious need for a company that specializes in auto hail repair. In April 2010, GDS opened their first shop in Castle Rock. At the time it was only two employees and Heath did all the repairs himself.

GDS has since grown to three locations in Denver, over 20 employees, and 500+ annual customers. They are quickly gaining recognition and becoming the nation’s leader in auto hail repair. GDS takes pride in giving the same personal service today, as they did 5 years ago when it was a one-man operation. They will not quit until you are 100% satisfied.