The Ultimate Dent Removal Company Guide

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Car owners don’t really think about dents & dings until they happen. When it does happen, you want to know everything you can about the best way to go about getting those dents removed. We have written this article to assist you by answering some of our most frequently asked questions about paintless dent repair and the dent repair process.

Mobile Dent Removal Services

In other words, “Can I get my dents repaired at my home by a paintless dent repair company?” Yes, you can. There are PDR companies out there that specialize in mobile paintless dent repair and that is ALL they do. Mobile dent repair companies usually come in 2 varieties.

The Semi-Trailer Hail Repair Unit

The best time to find a mobile PDR unit is after a major hail storm event. They roll into town in huge semi-trailer trucks adorned in wraps depicting ominous skies, lightning, and hail. These mobile units concentrate on auto hail repair and can usually be spotted in supercenter parking lots like Walmart or maybe a shopping mall.

They pop up huge tents that they will use as a make-shift dent inspection area. Sometimes the dent repairs are performed under one of these tents but mostly inside the Semi-Trailer paintless dent removal mobile unit. The insides of these trucks resemble a mini, fully-operational repair shop. Many of these pop-up repair shops can be found in the same parking lot as a pop-up/drive-thru insurance company inspection tent. This does NOT mean that the dent repair shop is in anyway affiliated with your insurance company and that you must use that paintless dent repair company for your repairs.

Hail Tent - Semi-Truck Mobile Dent Removal Company

Hail Tent – Semi-Truck Mobile Dent Removal Company

When there is a state/city-wide “hail catastrophe,” you will also see window repair tents popped up alongside the dent repair tents.

The semi-trailer hail repair unit will do retail paintless dent repair work but mostly concentrate on dealerships, rental companies, and car manufacturers after a major hail event. This is the “wholesale” side of paintless dent repair.

Mobile Dent Repair Technicians

If a paintless dent repair technician doesn’t either work at an auto body shop or PDR company, they will usually choose to take their skill on the road. Mobile technicians will mostly post ads on Craigslist or their Facebook page. They carry with them a complete mobile set of paintless dent repair tools and lighting and will perform the repairs in your driveway or in the parking lot at your place of employment.

There are many reputable mobile paintless dent repair technicians out there. If you find a technician in your area, ask for references from past customers. Also, ask about their experience and how long they have been repairing dents.

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Technician

Dent Repair Cost

Just like in any other industry, the number one question usually relates to cost. With paintless dent repair, this is a question we get the most often, and usually in the following ways.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

The “everyday” door ding. The most common type of dent we repair outside of the hail season is your, what we call, “everyday dent & ding.” These are the dings you get while you are shopping for groceries, the parking lot door ding. These dents are typically 1/2″ to 3″ in diameter and fairly shallow and cost between $75-$225 to repair. We can usually provide a quick estimate with a simple picture of the dent. Text the image to 720-500-2377.
How much does minor collision damage repair cost? As long as there was no paint damage that occurred during the collision, paintless dent repair is an option. The typical bill for minor collision damage runs between $250-$1,500. We suggest you schedule a time to get a proper inspection at our shop. Other factors that will affect the cost of collision damage repair is who was at fault and the type of insurance that you carry on the vehicle.

Dent Repair Cost Calculator

Dent Repair Cost Calculator
Use The Hail Shop USA paintless dent repair cost calculator to get a quick & free estimate for auto hail repair.

How much does auto hail damage repair cost? The cost of dent repair depends on the size of the dent, the depth of the dent, and the location of the damage. The cost breakdown for hail repair depends on the type of insurance you carry on the vehicle. If you carry comprehensive coverage, your insurance company sets the cost breakdown for dent repair and this is most often the case for 95% of the hail damaged cars we repair. The hail damage cost estimation tool we use is the one issued to us by State Farm inserted below. You can use this PDR cost matrix to help you calculate how much your hail damage repair will cost your insurance company. Yes, your insurance company! If you carry comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance provider will pick up the bill.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Dent Repair

The second search most people make after searching for the cost of whatever it is they are needing to be done is a search for DIY or Life Hack articles. Before you pick-up, that heat gun, dry ice, or DIY pop-a-dent kit you just got from the delivery guy from Amazon, read on.

Factors to consider before you DIY dent repair your own ride.

  • Who owns the vehicle? If you do not own your vehicle, please do not try to repair the vehicle yourself. A bad paintless dent repair job will cost you more in the long run. For example, if you over-push or over-pop the dent you risk the chance of having to pay the cost for a new panel. If you accidentally chip the paint, plan on doing some touch-up paint work. Matching the touch-up paint with your existing paint is harder than it sounds. In other words, the banking institution that still has a stake in the value of the vehicle will want the repairs to be done to their liking.
  • What kind of insurance do you carry on the vehicle? As mentioned above, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage – the insurance company will pay for the cost of hail damage repair. They will NOT pay for a botched DIY paintless dent repair session.
  • How severe is the damage? If we are talking about a small door ding, you might have some luck removing it with an Amazon DIY paintless dent repair kit coupled with a few DIY dent repair YouTube searches. For auto hail damage, we highly suggest you do a google search for “paintless dent repair shop near me” or if you live in North Texas click here or Denver click here for a free hail damage repair estimate.

Will A Car Hail Damage Claim Raise My Insurance Rates?

Simple answer – NO. This is a question we get many times per day, as most people are concerned about their insurance rates and premiums rising due to their filing any kind of claim. Filing a hail damage claim will not raise your personal insurance premiums for either an auto or roof hail damage claim but it could, however, raise the premiums for new customers that move into the area in the future – especially if it is a city/state that is frequented by damaging hail storms. In other words, if an area has had multiple hail storm occurrences in the last few years it might raise insurance premiums all together but your personal hail claim has very little to nothing to do with that nor does it affect your current rates. Your premiums won’t raise because they can’t, by law. It is considered an act of nature or act of God and cannot be counted against you.

Hail Storms - Act of God

Do I Have to Repair My Car With An Insurance Check

Technically, no.

BUT there are multiple variables to consider before deciding if you want to use your insurance check to make repairs to your car or not. One is if you own your car outright (have it completely paid off – no loan) and the other is if you plan on trading in or selling your vehicle in the future.

Is The Vehicle Paid-Off?
If you have made a hail damage claim on your car and you have a lien, the check will be written to both you and the lender – both owners. The check will have to be endorsed by both parties in order to cash the check. This is for the protection of both parties of interest. If the hail damage is not repaired, the value of the vehicle decreases. The lender will expect the vehicle to retain its value based on depreciation. This is why you are required to carry comprehensive or full coverage on the vehicle until it is paid off.

Do You Plan On Selling It In The Future?
If the vehicle has been paid-off, the next consideration is your future plans for the vehicle. If you plan on trading in the vehicle for a newer model at a dealership, the value of the vehicle will decrease if it has unrepaired hail damage. If you do not plan on selling the vehicle and don’t mind the damage, there is no reason not keep the money!

In Conclusion

Greenway Dent Solutions is a Denver Paintless Dent Repair company. We specialize in auto hail damage repair. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about paintless dent removal and the dent repair process. If we have not answered your question, please call us at 720-500-2377.  We have locations in Denver, CO and Plano, TX but are always happy to answer questions from wherever you are located!