As a leader in the Paintless Dent Repair industry as well as the Denver business community, Greenway adopts and promotes sustainable repair practices designed to reduce our local, regional, national and global environmental impact.


Greenway Dent Solutions has a living list of green practices and continually incorporate & apply environmentally-conscious policies and procedures to help reduce our impact on the environment in the Mile High City.

We Recycle

We aim to conserve all natural resources and reduce energy usage by using energy-efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning systems.  Our recycling program includes paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum and glass.

No Toxins

Solvent is the most common material used to thin car paint, and car paints can contain up to 90% solvent. These solvents contain volatile organic compounds that contribute to ozone creation, a significant component in smog.

Energy Conscious

The paintless dent repair method doesn’t require the use of electricity as we don’t use drills, sanders, or lifts. We use LED bulbs where we can and make a strong effort to reduce the amount of electricity we use around the shop.


When you maintain your vehicle, you extend the amount of time you’re able to use it and the life of the vehicle. Instead of using the additional materials to replace hail damaged and door dinged panels, we restore the exisiting panels . Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint by keeping you from having to buy a new vehicle, it also helps save you money.

Save Electricity
No Run-Off Toxins
Recycling Bin