I Have Hail Damage, Now What?

Denver Auto Hail Damage Repair

At Greenway Dent Solutions our proprietary Paintless Dent Removal process uses highly skilled technicians and uniquely designed tools to get in behind the dent, massage and flex the metal back to its original shape.
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With hail season in full swing in Denver, Colorado – now is a good time to learn about what to do if your vehicle is damaged in a hail storm. It is a fairly easy process if you follow the steps listed below.

  1. Hail Damage Claims: The first step is to contact your insurance provider and make a hail damage claim. The best time to file a hail claim is as soon as you notice or suspect your vehicle has hail damage.
  2. Insurance Adjuster Inspection: After you file your claim, you will be assigned an insurance adjuster that will handle your case. They will work with you to find a time to inspect your vehicle for hail damage and provide you with an estimated cost to repair the dents, broken or cracked glass, and any other damage that had occurred during the storm.
  3. Choosing a Local Denver Paintless Dent Repair Shop: Paintless Dent Repair is still considered to be a fairly new dent repair technique. Before PDR was practiced in the United States, hail damage was repaired in an auto body shop. The cost to repair hail damage in an auto body shop was expensive, took a lot of shop time to repair, and oftentimes written off as “totaled.”  Today, auto hail repair with paintless dent repair is fast, less expensive, and 100% earth friendly. So, now that you know more about paintless dent repair – how do you choose a Denver PDR shop? The first step – read local reviews. Get an estimate. Most Denver paintless dent repair shops will offer free hail damage estimates. This is a great way to get to know more about the shop and ask more questions about how they do business. Ask how long they have been in business. What is their experience with auto hail repair?
    * Note: Remember, most insurance adjusters will miss on average about 20-35% of the actual hail damage on your vehicle. This is another reason why the second inspection by a reputable Denver paintless dent repair shop is a good idea. The PDR shop can compare your initial estimate from your adjuster with their findings and request any additional funding that required to repair the vehicle 100%.
  4. Scheduling Hail Damage Repair Appointment. Greenway Dent Solutions is a local Denver Paintless Dent repair shop with over 15 years of auto hail repair experience. We are very proud of the dent repair work we do and would love to help you get dent-free. You can schedule online or call us at 720-500-2377 to schedule your hail damage repair appointment.

Hail Damage Repair at Greenway Dent Solutions

Greenway offers top-notch, state-of-the-art paintless dent repair services. We offer free inspections, cover the deductible for auto hail repairs, and offer a Lifetime Warranty on every repair we make complete in our shop.

We accept all insurance and will work with your adjuster to make the process as smooth as possible. We know how to take care of our customers and guarantee 100% satisfaction.